How can I create an account?

You can create an account on www.montecristo.online by using your email address to make logging into the site. Create an account and start shopping.

How do I change the email address or password associated with my account?

  • Visit http://www.montecristo.online/my-account/edit-account/.
  • Change Email. Update your email address and click Save Changes.
  • This will send a confirmation email to your new address.

Will I Get An AC Adapter For My Country?

Yes you will be provided an adapter to suit your country; you still need to be aware the product matches your local AC voltage. A 110V product will not work in a 240V country, a product labeled 110-240v or  240v product will. Please make sure you check the voltages on any electrical products you order.

I Can’t Find A Product On Your Website Anymore Is It Still Available?

I Can’t Find A Product On Your Website Anymore Is It Still Available?
If an item is no longer listed it is likely it has been discontinued however if you really liked something and you can’t find it anymore Contact Us.

Where Do I Find More Information About Product Features?

If you are interested in an item or have bought a product and still have questions please Contact Us

I Need Help Placing An Order

All Orders: If you require assistance placing an order on the website, contact us.

Why Was My Order Cancelled And My Payment Refunded?

Possible reasons for refunding money are:

– PayPal’s account name and address do not match your order’s shipping address, and there was no response when we contacted you.

– The products you ordered were out of stock. If we cannot contact you within 5 days after we receive your payment we will give you a   refund.

My Order Status Is Showing Back Order?

It means some products in your order are out of stock at the moment, and you need to wait for stock. If your order’s status is back order it will most likely be split shipped.

How Can I know when my order is shipped?

You can request shipment info.

How Long Will It Take For Delivery?

Total delivery time is split into two parts.

1. Processing time 1-2  business days normally: The time from when your payment is received to when we gather up all the items, do strict quality-control tests, and carefully package the items.

2. Shipping time 2-30 business days: This is the time that it takes for the package to be delivered  to the destination. From US warehouse up to 7 days, from CN warehouse up to 30 business days.

Can I Return A Product?

Our policy covers returns, you only receive a partial refund as you must pay for the original shipping and the return shipping. If you feel you don’t want an item it is best to cancel within 24 hours of ordering, if an order is not shipped we offer full refund except of Paypal or bank transfer fees. Before return the product, you should contact us first and return it to the appointed address, or bear your own consequences.

My Product Arrived Faulty/Damaged/Different

Within 5 days of receiving the goods take photos of what has arrived or make a video with the fault and contact us. Include your order number and a copy of the parcel declaration. We will look at your claim and advise you what to do next.